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  • Brand Personality Definition Exercise
  • 1 hr discovery chat about your brand and business goals
  • Mini Brand Guidelines, containing the folowing pages:
    • Brand Personality
    • Inspiration Board
    • Font Selection
    • Colour Selection
    • Competitors
    • Market Positioning
    • Implementation & Ideas for Growth


The price of the Brand Review can be offset any future logo work that we do together °

What do you get exactly?


  • brand personality exercise
    we chat through who you are as a person and how this aligns with your business – you are your business and when combined with your brand it shows a consistent, honest business. Gone are the days when you can have a business face and a personal face, with social media, everyone can see who you are as a person and as a business and if the two aren’t aligned then you might give the impression of a dishonest business which would ruin your reputation
  • brand review
    we’ll then go through your current brand; are you showing your brand personality in your brand? There are a few very simple ways of doing this; we list what’s working - you’ve probably had your logo for a while now, is there a way we could reinvigorate new life into it? Would it benefit from an brand evolution or make slight changes how your logo/business is shown to benefit your reputation and engender trust and loyalty from your customers (current, past and future customers). Of course, if you're right at the beginning of your business and don't have a logo we can still do a lot of these exercises and prepare you for when you're ready to invest in creating a logo
  • mini brand document
    after these two exercises, we’ll present you with a document that shows your brand clearly, if it needs to be evolved or changed completely, these suggestions will be here, in this document along with some vital information to grow your business, the document will contain the following:
  • brand personality
    the results of the exercise will be listed here to remind you and your employees, if you have them, ‘who’ your brand is, stick it on your wall to serve as a constant reminder
  • inspiration board
    as part of our discussion, it’ll be great to see what goal you would like to achieve and display this and other inspirational and aspirational images and phrases to serve as a, well, inspiration!
  • font selection
    we will analyse your logo, specifically the typeface used, what impression does that font give of your business, is it the right one? What’s right about it and what are the possible negatives, real or perceived and how can you counteract those negatives in other ways?
  • colour selection
    this works the same way, are the colours you’re using giving the intended impression, are other businesses in your same field using similar colours? It’s not a bad idea to break the mould but is it broken in the right way? All of this will be listed for you
  • competitors
    this is useful in order to see what other local businesses are doing right and doing not so right - you can take inspiration from their good practices and highlight what you’re doing that they’re not (without saying it like that, we don’t compare our businesses publicly, we just use it internally to compete ethically). We will also list bigger brands, sometimes not in the same field but they’re successful in their own right and their ethics are in alignment with yours, we can take inspiration from that and implementing some of their practices will then apply an air of familiarity to your own business because your customers have already seen that in the bigger brand, make sense? I hope so
  • market positioning
    there are a few ‘places’ where your product or service would fit, this includes, cost, perception of quality and if you were on a shelf, where would you be placed? This is where your competitors would come in and you can see if your price category matches your market perception
  • implementations & ideas for growth
    this would be a summary of information and suggestions on how to improve and market your business




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(offer expires 01/09/2019)


° £50 offset against any future logo work, this offer expires 6 months after initial 1hr discovery meeting


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