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Branding your small business

It's still early in the year, early enough to make a new start, or even start new ways of working. Take the time to look over how you currently work and how you could possibly automate as much of your business as possible in order to concentrate on working effectively, efficiently and remember to include processes to show your customers how much you care for them and appreciate their loyalty.

I've chosen the heading, 'New Year, New Business, New You!' not because you should change and start again but just to motivate you to look at how to start the new year with the intention to grow and show potential customers your potential.

With this in mind I'm focussing on the importance of branding your business, no matter your size. Why is it important, what does it mean, and how can you take steps to brand your business…

So Why is Branding so Important?

You're a small business, or even self-employed, why should you worry about branding? Isn't it something that large companies like Coke and Apple should worry about? Not true, if anything, it's more important that small businesses concentrate on branding themselves as it's part of vital communication to your customers. It's also a great way to focus on who you are and how you deliver your product. Over a few blog posts, I will take you through the process on how to make a start.

Where do you start? What's in a name?

You're in a position to start your own business, the first thing to think of is a name! The name you choose for your business is going to be one of three choices:

1. Your own name

2. A name that describes what you do accurately

3. A generic name that holds no link to your business or your name to create intrigue

Tips for choosing a name: make sure that the acronym of your name doesn't spell anything risqué; don't make it too long, your business name needs to appear consistently across the board - email@yourbusinessname.com, www.yourbusinessname.com - across all social media platforms, no matter what it is, your name must be consistent across ALL platforms. If it's too long, it'll be difficult for customers to remember. If it's different, even slightly, it'll be confusing for customers trying to find you on their preferred platform, so choose your name, and stick to it. If you do decide to change your name, use it as an opportunity to relaunch via posts, blogs and targeted emails. And remember, evolution is better than revolution.

Let's recap:

  You've decided to start your own business…

  What is the product/service you will be offering?

  What will the name of your business be?

It's also a good idea to create a strapline to describe your business concisely - this won't have to appear everywhere but it's helpful to have it ready for when it's needed.  (Example: Tesco - 'Every Little Helps')


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