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Does a Brand Have a Personality? Let's face it, life is hard enough running our own business, anything that can make it easier has got to be a good thing! The reason we attribute a personality to a brand is to attract a certain audience, help with pricing categories, define our tone-of-voice, it shapes our choice of logo/brand colour and fonts, where we advertise our business and how everything is then pulled together in one cohesive Brand. To make this as easy as possible, find a Brand Definition Worksheet download below. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A COMPLIMENTARY BRAND DEFINITION WORKSHEET On the worksheet, start to list the personality traits that you want to be known by. ﷯Tip: we're living in an age where we ARE our business and that's reflected within our brand, so choose the words that describe who YOU are as a person, this will inevitably be reflected in your brand. This is also a way to ensure that you're marketing yourself in an honest, authentic way. Make sure to only list your best attributes, customers might not be too happy about your brand being represented by 'apathetic' or other negative words - set yourself up for growth with a positive outlook! I've categorised the definition words into 4 sections to try and make it easy to apply it to your brand/business, let's dig a little deeper with a brand exercise: Brand: 'Becky Jane' - Rebecca Lynes 
Rebecca has a background in counselling and has faced her own journey with weight loss, so she has created her business out of those experiences. She has created a programme that tackles weight issues from a place of caring and uses her counselling training to enable her customers to benefit from a weight loss programme that focusses on providing the tools and knowledge in a caring way. The customer is then empowered to take control of the emotional habits that have been built around food and weight. ﷯ Becky Jane Brand Definition
Rebecca's business is still pretty new so she didn't go for a logo at this stage, what we did, however, is to create a temporary graphic that will help her to be easily identified - as a logo would - but be flexible enough to update at a later stage. In order to do this, we needed a brand definition - Rebecca wouldn't serve her customers contrary to her own personality so we went about defining who she is and how she would deliver her business to her customers. Personality | Customer Engagement quiet | clever | direct | dependable | friendly | helpful | warm | relaxed | sweet | calm Now, these are the words you would expect to be associated with this type of product and person. You are potentially a vulnerable customer so YOUTHFUL, REBELLIOUS and SASSY would feel like a clash. Now you have the start of a customer care set of values, just from these few words! This is how you'll answer the phone, construct an email, write out your material that you send out. Does the Becky Jane 'product' compliment Rebecca's personality?
The point of running your own business should involve selling a product or service that is in alignment with who you are as a person, otherwise life would be exhausting! So let's look at Rebecca's beliefs and personality traits that apply to her and her business: honest | kind | humble | spiritual | cooperative | humorous | gentle | caring | generous Again, these are the traits that you would want when seeking out this service, you would need someone to be honest in order to help you, but Rebecca will do it in a kind way. Rebecca is humble, almost to a fault - she is by no means a show-off or a bragger but she will need to work on her humility not overtaking her self-belief! It's a good idea to recognise the traits that work for you but must be kept in check. Her humorous personality trait defines her tone-of-voice and her ability to adapt to difficult situations, it doesn't mean she'll treat her customers like a joke - she'll be able to help them with the strength she has to bounce back in a way that shows grace and endurance. Let's take a look at how Becky Jane is to be marketed and priced
Will this product be cheap and plentiful? Priced higher because of the profound value it gives? What are the prices that other similar products are priced at? This will define the market cost (what customers expect the product to be priced at and if it's not, why not?) Let's break it down: feminine | luxurious | elegant | romantic | healthy | authoritative | clean | casual 'feminine' describes the target audience that Rebecca wants to appeal to, they're the most likely to use this type of service in this way. 'luxurious' describes the service in a way not to exclude anyone but to indicate how the customer will feel at the end, let's face it, there are cheaper products out there but this one need only be bought once because Rebecca believes in the power of what she's providing for her customers will mean that putting the weight back on is not an issue. This also defines the price bracket will be higher than other services out there and the design and tone-of-voice will need to reflect that. 'elegant' also falls into this category with a bit of grace thrown in. 'romantic' explains the dream behind the goal of weight loss and mindset change - the imagining of your future self as a customer, there's nothing wrong with that, especially when backed up by experience to make those dreams a reality. The other words are self explanatory but I just wanted to mention 'authoritative' - this is harsh word that just defines being responsible for being seen as an expert in your field. Take the responsibility to keep learning and growing for your customer. Okay, last one: Your Growth - imaginative - being flexible and having the ability to pivot when something is not working is key to being successful, being imaginative in how you do it makes you a leader. tough - can you weather the storm during those months when it's not going so great - how? Self promotion while you're busy is good practice to minimise the lulls in business. It'll get your name out there so you can potentially avoid the lulls altogether. feisty - there are so many joys and a lot of freedom that comes with running your own business but you definitely could do with some fight in you. A feisty spirit is worth cultivating (just don't become a jerk!) rational - stop, review, check what's working - do more of that, check what's not so popular - pivot or remove that completely. Think about all the words in the list and decide what part of the business that word applies to. Is it in alignment with how you want to be perceived and how you want to deliver your 'product'. Are you 'strong'? Do you take challenges on the chin and move on, or are you 'intellectual'? Do you face a challenge and research and reach out for solutions and help? 
Print out the worksheet, write down the words that apply to you and stick in on the wall of your workspace to remind you on a daily basis. The next blog I'll write will be on how to create an inspiration board that will accompany your brand definition, I'll be using Becky Jane at the case study so you can see it applied to a real-world service. Your inspiration board can show your future goals (you 'dream list'), or it could show the brand essence/personality you're trying to achieve in a visual format or it can be the type of photography you want to be included in your Brand. Or you can create all 3! You just need a wall. Let's recap: ✔ Your business is an extension of you - you are your business - so reflect that! Be proud of who you are as a person and define your brand with you in mind ✔ Work through the Brand Definition Workshop, select from the words there, add your own, create some new ones - 'fabulutious' ✔ Customer care - don't forget your customers, you're the reason your business started but they're why you're carry on. How would you like to be treated as your customer, list the words that describe that And remember - Mystery Hare is more than happy to help you to do this, if you find it easier to talk it through with a person, or a rabbit, then give us a call or drop us an email. For £50, we'll sit for about an hour, chat about who you are as a person, as a business then we'll go away and do a bit of research and send you a mini definition booklet with suggestions for a colour palette and perhaps some suggestions for a logo or an evolution of your current brand. The good news is, that if you choose to create a new or updated logo, the £50 will be taken off that fee. If nothing else, you'll have a brand definition that could kickstart a new chapter in your business.


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