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How to Draw

I learnt this technique in college and I still find it very useful to get a likeness of the person I'm drawing. I've listed down the instructions here and you can see the full video tutorial by clicking on this link.

Before even referring to the image you want to draw, plot out the features of the face. It's the same for everyone but will be adjusted to the individual characteristics later. This technique, of marking out the features of the face by drawing shapes, is sketched very lightly in the background - the shapes are a rough guide and will either disappear under the shading of your drawing or can be erased as you go.

Step 1:

We start by first drawing a circle, or football shape then add a plant pot shape at the bottom, this will be for the chin.

Step 2:

The top of the plant pot marks half the circle - this will come in handy later to mark the horizontal line for the eyes. Now draw the vertical line, this is the vertical middle of the face and where the nose will sit. Notice how I've curved the line in this example - this is to indicate which direction the subject is facing. Even if the face you're drawing is looking straight-on  using a curved line instead of a straight one gives the face more depth.

Step 3:

Let's mark out the eyes. We already have our vertical and horizontal lines where the eyes will sit - so we can start by marking out the space between the eyes. This will keep us from encroaching within that space until it's time to shade and won't give us eyes that are too close together. You'll notice in step 3a I've marked out the space (in this example it's a transparent filled circle but when you draw, it'll just be an outline. Then in step 3b mark the eyeballs either side of the space.

step 1

step 2

step 3a

step 3b

step 4

step 5

Step 4:

By drawing 2 diagonal lines from the centre of the eyeballs down to the vertical centre line marks out the approximate position of the tip of the nose - the actual length will vary depending on the individual nose characteristics.

As you'll notice, I've also marked the mouth on the bottom line of the circle - the corners of the mouth normally line up with the centre of the eyeballs.

Step 5:

Another measurement to bear in mind would be the position of the ears - you can see the top of the ears line up with the eyes and the lobes line up with the nose tip or mouth, depending on the angle of the face.

Now you're ready to begin, you can now start using your reference image and observing the details of the subject you're drawing. To see how I did that you can view my video tutorial here. If you would like to use the same image that I did, you can download it here.


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