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I'm a small business; branding is only for large corporations; it's really expensive and other misconceptions…


As a small business owner, it's more important than ever to brand your business! This helps your customers to find you, recognise you and help them to make a decision to buy from you.

Let's look at the reality of taking the decision to brand your business and the implications that has.



  • Brand Personality Definition Exercise
  • 1 hr chat about your brand and business goals
  • Mini Brand Guidelines, containing the folowing pages:
    • Brand Personality
    • Inspiration Board
    • Font Selection
    • Colour Selection
    • Competitors
    • Market Positioning
    • Implementation & Ideas for Growth

A bit about me

I’ve been a Graphic Designer for more than 15 years now and have worked with many large brands, Natwest, Barclays, Lego have been among them and, as you can imagine, they have very tight, excellently managed brands to convey who they are and how they do it in the most professional way. Working with these brands has taught me so much about the importance of a great brand strategy and I help small businesses benefit from this experience in order for them to grow and succeed. I love what I do and am passionate about constantly learning to improve on my knowledge, it’s important that I keep up to date with the ever-changing brand trends in order to help my customers to show their brand in a relevant way. I want to enable entrepreneurs to use their ‘voice’ in a confident way so that they carve a place for themselves in this noisy cluttered world. I do this with honesty, integrity and I feel strongly that everyone deserves a chance to make a place for themselves and their families in this world which is why I mainly attract female clients. I love nothing more than to propel a my clients into a position of success.

Gutenberg Bible using Blackletter font

What does it mean to brand your business?


So you're feeling like a small fish in a big pond, you want to feel like a proper business but is it just an extension of your hobby, your passion?


Passion pushes you harder, gives you resilience and sustains you in the tough times.


If you have turned your hobby into a business, great for you! That just means you're doing what you love and earning money from something you love to do - it's only a 'hobby' if you're doing it for free, so to start off with: don't devalue what you do.

1. Getting organised, where to begin
You have a business but you need to let people know about it. As a small business owner, YOU are your business! It's an extension of you, it holds a collection of personality traits and ethics that are a part of who you are. The best place to start then is to define who your business is so you know how it would 'speak' to appeal to its target audience and to show itself consistently throughout.


I've created a worksheet to define who your brand is - this is a great way to then match all the other brand elements to it; tone of voice, colours, fonts, etc.

2. But it's too expensive right!?
It can be but it depends on how you look at it. As a growing business you need to invest into it and part of that is spending money in a way that will enhance your business and also feel valuable – for every expenditure, you need to feel like you'll be getting a return on that investment. I know what it's like to spend your own money on your business, feeling like every pound is a risk so, I've created a brand review package to get you started in the right direction. For only £90 we'll sit down and work out your brand personality together and I'll construct a document for you to show you the direction your brand should take so that you are able to take a considered approach. This fee can also be offset against any logo creation/evolution in the future (normally priced at £350). I'm also happy to create a staggered payment programme.

3. What is a brand and why do I need one?
When you think brand, do you think 'logo'? You're almost right, that's just one part of a brand. Brand is so much more and it all starts with you and your vision, that means the most important part of your brand is knowledge and research.

Your brand is:
if you have created your own business or the face of your business (the person who is the one talking about your business, meeting with potential customers then
you are the very first impression of the business) it then stands to reason that everything that follows that initial meeting should enhance you and the impression you gave at that first contact. That includes;
• tone of voice
how do you speak to your customers? Are you friendly, approachable, affordable? Or are you more traditional, respectful, professional, serious? Any outgoing, customer-facing communication should reflect that first interaction or it'll come across as disjointed or disingenuous (inauthentic). By mirroring the impression you give starts to build a relationship based on trust and there's longevity in that.
• colour
that's right! Even the colours you use represent an impression. Knowledge of colour psychology has been passed down through historical experiences such as purple being affiliated with royalty because it used to be so hard to reproduce as a colour that only royalty could afford to wear it and why the royal capes are in that colour. This impression is reinforced by continuing to use the colour in this regard, it has started to taking on a more spiritual feeling lately but it's in a purple that more on the pink spectrum

• font
in the same way as colour can make an impression, fonts too are used to add to that overall impression you want to make on your potential customers. Fonts progress much quicker than colour thanks to technology, who would've thought that Blackletter used to be the most legible font!? That's because it was pretty much the only one of it's time and so familiarity played a part in that legibility. It was also down to the tools used for writing and creating those marks but it was also considered elitist due to only a small community of people being able to read.


4. consistency
it's so important that your brand is shown consistently on every customer-facing platform, if it is:


  • it shows you as a legitimate business
  • engenders trust from the offset
  • shows that you know your business and it also gives you confidence knowing your business looks its most professional

To book a brand review chat, drop me a line…


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